Roy with the 2010 Lynbrook Science Bowl team at the Nationals in Washington, DC

District Accomplishments

Trustees have authority as a group and not as individuals. Here is a list of what the District has accomplished since I was elected in 2016.

  • Launched successful remote teaching program during Covid-19 stay-at-home period
  • Delivered computers and WiFi hotspots and arranged Internet access for students who lacked access at home
  • Distributed over 2,500 meals per day to students who rely on school meals¬†during Covid-19 stay-at-home period
  • Maintained high district-wide graduation rate of 95%
  • Increased percentage of students who complete requirements for admission to UC or CSU from 76% in 2016 to 82% in 2019
  • Increased percentage of socioeconomically disadvantaged students who complete UC or CSU admission requirements from 39% in 2016 to 56% in 2019
  • Maintained programs targeted to low-income students and foster youth
  • Continued efforts to reduce student stress by implementing new bell schedule with later school start time
  • Implemented Next Generation Science Standards
  • Expanded Career Technical Education course offerings
  • Maintained low expulsion rate (0.11%)
  • Expanded relationships and cooperation with local community college districts including addition of college courses at high schools
  • Expanded professional development programs to improve teacher skills
  • Joined with Sunnyvale School District and the City of Sunnyvale to plan new library in the Lakewood neighborhood
  • Promoted bicycle ridership; supported Safe Routes to Schools
  • Reduced water consumption and energy use by renovating athletics fields and buildings
  • Refinanced bonds at low interest rates to save taxpayers money
  • Increased teacher pay to attract high-quality teachers
  • Maintained excellent labor relations with teachers and staff
  • Maintained fiscal reserves over 3x the state-mandated minimum

Construction Completed

  • Fremont: New Guidance, Student Services and classrooms building
  • Homestead: New building for robotics, shop and computer classes (I-Hub)
  • Lynbrook: New weight room and dance studio, new cafeteria, new quad
  • Monta Vista: New gym lobby, new classrooms in Bldg B, renovated classrooms
  • Educational Options: New buildings at District Office site
  • Adult Education: New classrooms at Vallco
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning improvements at several campuses

Under Construction

  • Cupertino: New roof for science building, new athletic fields
  • Fremont: Refurbishing original building and Student Center
  • Homestead: New building for Guidance and Student Services, renovating Bldg A
  • Lynbrook: Adding gym lobby, new Guidance and Student Services building, renovating theater
  • Monta Vista: Renovating buildings A, B, and C and Quad


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I support:

  • Sound fiscal management
  • Ensuring that all students in the district receive the highest quality education
  • Long-range planning to manage changes in student population and to maintain aging facilities
  • Keeping lines of communication open with residents so their voices can be heard
  • Maintaining our excellence in science and math plus other essential subjects such as English and social studies
  • Ensuring that our schools remain comprehensive high schools and that subjects such as music, art, drama and athletics are supported
  • Ensuring that our high schools remain neighborhood schools
  • Working with cities to improve traffic at schools sites and to encourage students to ride bicycles to school

Goals – Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

The LCAP is a three-year plan that describes the goals, actions, services, and expenditures to support positive student outcomes that address state and local priorities. It is available on the District website (FUHSD LCAP 2019-20).

Goal #1: Sustain generally high student performance while ensuring high levels of learning from every student.

Goal #2: All students will have access to a guaranteed and viable curriculum designed to help them pursue their passions and interests while preparing them for college and careers.

Goal #3: Every student will feel safe, cared about, and both academically and socially engaged in school.

Goal #4: Parents, students, and other community stakeholders will have a variety of opportunities to learn about and give feedback on school and District priorities, expenditures, and programs.

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